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Full-Color Business Cards

"How can you possibly offer that many full-color, four-color-process, 2-SIDED business cards with free UV coating (both sides also!) for so little, when everyone else charges $400 to $1000 for these BEST quality cards?"

Simple. We handle everything in-house. Prepress. Press. Postpress. No outside vendors, no middlemen or wholesalers. Why pay extra for hassle you didn't ask for? We also use the "higher the volume, the lower the cost" principle. Printing hundreds of card orders at once, as well as ordering immense amounts of the heaviest, thickest 14pt card stock from our suppliers allows us to negotiate rock bottom prices, giving you, our valued customer, the lowest price in the world, for the BEST professional four-color, 2-sided, UV gloss-coated business card around. By the way, our competitors use thinner 12pt stock, and still can not match our price, much less our quality.

What about quality?
5 Color Heidelberg Printing Press. Only the finest graphic arts equipment in the industry -- equipment that we rely on every day. But the best equipment is worthless without experienced people behind it. Our employees know how to make you look good. And that's the real purpose of any business card or postcard. A poorly printed business card is worse than no card at all. Don't be embarrassed by the cards you hand out. Our cards are printed in gorgeous full color at 175 linescreen on sturdy 14-point C1S stock. No raised black ink on flimsy white stock that says "I'm not successful enough to afford the best business card." You LITERALLY will not believe our prices and you'll love our quality. We guarantee it! So don't take chances. If you've got a card designed and ready to be printed, go with the best. Go with Wholesale-Printing.com!

Is this for real?

We understand. You probably don't believe the quality we're promising you at the PRICE you're seeing. That's ok. All we can tell you is:  ORDER OUR FREE SAMPLES! We'll send you actual customer samples of our full four-color, 2-sided, ultra hi gloss UV coated business cards, totally free. We'll pay the postage. That's the ONLY way for you to see that no one can come close to our price for the best quality possible.

Don't rush into something you might regret! Order our competitors samples (God forbid they don't offer samples; if they don't, DO NOT risk your reputation!), then order ours and compare. Their quality might rival ours; we guarantee their price will not! One thing to keep in mind:  Most, if not all, of our competitors DO NOT even offer 2-sided printing in full-color, much less with 2-sided UV hi-gloss coating!

Business Card Pricing (14pt Card Stock)
25,000 2-sided, full-color, UV hi-gloss coated cards
20,000 2-sided, full-color, UV hi-gloss coated cards
15,000 2-sided, full-color, UV hi-gloss coated cards
10,000 2-sided, full-color, UV hi-gloss coated cards
5,000 2-sided, full-color, UV hi-gloss coated cards


2,500 2-sided, full-color, UV hi-gloss coated cards
1,000 2-sided, full-color, UV hi-gloss coated cards
1,000 full-color, UV coating front side, b/w back side OR BLANK*


Terms & Conditions